disposiivi seqex

Seqex Devices

Seqex Fam

dispositivi seqex fam
A device for use in day clinics or at home applicable under medical supervision for all needs: traumas, fractures, post surgical recovery, regeneration, wellness, sport, and relaxation.

Seqex Med

dispositivi seqex med
An electro-medical device intended for professional use that enables the customization of treatments with the maximum simplicity.

Smart Seqex

dispositivi seqex smart
A wearable device for self-treatment, of interest in particular to those with limited time and who want to have an aid to wellbeing available at all times.


Nothing on the present website or any other form of information from S.I.S.T.E.M.I. Srl should be interpreted as an attempt to offer medical advice or promise a cure for specific pathologies. All responsibility for the information available at various Internet websites, or other forms of communication, that attribute curative properties to Seqex devices for a variety of pathologies is exclusively born by the authors of said publications. By the very nature of the forms of divulgation, there is no guarantee that the information provided is correct, accurate or that it does not contravene the laws in force. Furthermore, even if the information is correct from a general perspective, it might not be applicable to the expressed symptoms due to individual variability. It is recommended to consider the information available from public sources, including Internet, as general and purely informative in nature: this information can never substitute the opinion of a qualified doctor (a person legally authorized to exercise this profession), or by other health workers (dentists, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists). Potential Seqex users are invited to refer to a doctor expert in this form of treatment. S.I.S.T.E.M.I. Srl can provide contact details for your nearest Seqex treatment centres.