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Seqex Fam

An electro-medical device designed to administer customized therapeutic treatments using extremely low frequency and low intensity electromagnetic fields within the order of magnitude of the Earth’s magnetic field, levels that the human body has always been adapted to during evolution. The customized program is established by a doctor using a non invasive test (conducted using the professional device Seqex® Med) the results of which are recorded on a personal data card.
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» Intended use
The Seqex® Fam device is simple to use and permits easy therapeutic home treatment. It can also be used in professional settings at rehabilitation and physiotherapy centres, medical surgeries, day hospitals, orthopaedic clinics, hospitals, old age homes, etc.
The individuals that can benefit from this innovative therapy in a variety of different fields of application are numerous, the most common applications being:

  • Arthrosis
  • Arthritis
  • Deambulation deficit
  • Lumbosciatic neuralgia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Periarthritis
  • Following trauma or surgery
  • Tendonitis
  • Delayed consolidation of fractures
  • Rehabilitation of multiple trauma patients (total body treatment)
  • Reduction of recovery times after sports training, helping to prevent microlesions and accelerating healing from injuries
  • Bedridden or temporarily immobilized subjects
  • Rehabilitation of elderly patients after prosthetic implants

The priority of Seqex® is to provide a therapeutic program that is not fixed and standardized but instead customized on the basis of individual needs and peculiarities. Treatment can thus be adapted during the evolution of the biological processes underway.

» Approval
The device is compliant with the essential requirements stipulated in Attachment I of Directive 93/42/CE regarding medical devices for magnetotherapy Class IIa.
The present document is intended only to provide general information about the characteristics of the product and in no case does it substitute the opinion of a medical doctor.
Before using the device consult your doctor and carefully read the Manual of Use provided.
» Characteristics, operation, and operating conditions
  1. Control unit
    • Records up to 10 programs, previously identified and recorded on the Card using Seqex® Med.
    • Administers treatment by delivering the recorded electromagnetic parameters.
  2. Cards
    The Cards contain a microchip on which a customized therapeutic program is recorded. It is slotted into the front of the Seqex® Fam control unit in order to transfer the program recorded on it.
  3. Instruments for administering the magnetic field
    The magnetic field is administered using a special mat, a thin mattress on which the patient lies down. The size and structure of the mat permit the electromagnetic field to envelope the entire body evenly. Other instruments are also available that make it possible to concentrate and circumscribe the magnetic field in order to act on specific points on the body: these include the Intensive Applicator and the Probe. The choice depends on the different therapeutic requirements. In order to achieve a synergic action, the mat and the accessories can also be used at the same time using a special Multiple Adapter connector: in this way patients can benefit from the administration of the magnetic field to the entire body in addition to a concentrated circumscribed field for greater effect on specific points.
Treatment Devices

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