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Seqex Med

This is an electro-medical device designed to generate variable magnetic fields tuned to ion cyclotron resonance-like frequencies (see the origins of Seqex in the “La Ionorisonanza Ciclotronica” section) for therapeutic purposes. The most outstanding of the various features of this device is the comprehensive assistance it provides to professionals throughout the entire course of treatment, starting from the customization test to the administration of treatment. The system is protected by an international patent.
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» Intended use
Seqex Med is a device for professional use for example in rehabilitation and physiotherapy centres, medical surgeries, day hospitals, orthopaedic clinics, hospitals, and old age homes.
Fields of applicaiton include:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthrosis
  • Delayed consolidation of fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Lumbosciatic neuralgia
  • Periarthritis
  • Ideal for accelerating recovery following trauma or surgery
  • Rehabilitation of elderly patients after an acute event like for example an ictus
  • Total body application makes the device very useful for rehabilitation of multiple trauma patients
» Therapeutic procedure in a few steps
  • Analysis of symptoms
  • Choice of the appropriate Seqex program
  • Test to identify the most appropriate frequencies/waves
  • Recording of results on a personal card
  • Administration of treatment
» Characteristics, operation, and operating conditions

Seqex Med includes a control unit and a number of transducers that enable application of the magnetic field both locally and to the entire organism. The main structural elements of the device and its operation are as follows:

1.  The generator of variable magnetic fields is designed to program and generate:

  • 30 wave forms each with a characteristic spectrum of harmonic frequencies.
  • Field intensity modulation (emission from the mat of less than about 1 Gauss).
  • Frequency variable from 1 to 80 Hertz.
  • Adjustable periodic pause times during which no field is generated.
  • Automatic inversion of the field polarity every 2 minutes.


2.  Impedancemetry

Impedancemetry is a methodology validated over decades of use, which involves measuring the resistance of a body to the transit of an electrical current of extremely low power and high frequency. In medicine impedancemetry is used to determine body composition (fat content, muscle content, etc.) and in nephrology wards to test the level of hydration of patients under haemodialysis.


3. Impedancemetry in Seqex

The S.I.S.T.E.M.I. research team discovered that a hydrated body exposed to a suitable magnetic field tuned to ion resonance-like frequencies changes its impedance. In the Seqex Med device, impedancemetry is used in an unusual way as a guide system to establish the most appropriate electromagnetic treatment for each individual. Measurement is made by connecting the control unit – using conductive wires – to four electrodes located on the backs of the hands and feet. As it runs through the body the circulating current undergoes a phase and intensity shift caused by the electrical resistance of the organic structures (water, electrolytes, cellular membranes). The response in terms of variation of the electrical signal is transmitted to the control unit, which collects and analyses the data. The system can also be piloted using a computer.


4.  The customization test

During the test stage with the patient lying on the mat, the impedance meter and field generator are activated in the Seqex Med control unit. The device administers a series of magnetic fields of predetermined frequencies and variable wave forms to the body through the mat, at the same time measuring any changes in body impedance. The wave forms and/or frequencies that induce the greatest impedancemetric variations are saved on a personal data card which is subsequently used for treatment.


5.  The Cards

These are the magnetic media used to record a customized program comprising the 9 best electromagnetic combinations resulting from the impedancemetric test. There is a slot on the front of the Seqex Med control unit, inside of which is a device for reading and writing the cards.


6.  Magnetic field applicators

The magnetic fields can be transmitted to the body through three different transducers:

  • Coil mats, for administering the field to the entire body (Total Body).
  • Intensive applicators for treating areas affected by arthrosis, arthritis, or lesions like fractures or wounds.
  • Probes, for treating direct or reflex points, for example acupuncture points.

The coil mat and the other applicators can be used at the same time using the special multi-socket adapter accessory.


» Approval

The device is compliant with the essential requirements stipulated in Attachment I of Directive 93/42/CE regarding medical devices for magnetotherapy Class IIa.

Seqex devices are patented in Italy, Europe, and the USA.

Treatment Devices

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