Treatment sessions are painless, can be conducted in the presence of metal implants and apart from rare, temporary recurrence of old symptoms, they do not have any side effects. It can even be used to treat children.

Seqex devices are electro-medical EC approved, and registered by the Italian Ministry of Health. Their purpose is to administer variable electromagnetic fields at extremely low frequency and low intensity for therapeutic purposes.

They are also ideal as an adjuvant treatment for post trauma or post surgical rehabilitation, in therapies for elderly patients including the bedridden and for recovery from road accidents.
Further information on possible effects is available here.

Administration is in two stages:

  1. Customization test by a medical professional
    The patient lies down on the mat of the Seqex Med device (see the “Devices” page).
    The medical expert conducts a test to establish the most appropriate frequencies.
    The readings are recorded on the patient’s personal card.
  2. Treatment sessions
    The treatment program previously recorded on the card is administered by a Seqex Fam or Seqex Med device.
    The patient lies on the mat and treatment is started.

During treatment the electromagnetic field induces a pleasant, relaxing sensation.

  • The duration of each session varies from 9 to 54 minutes (normally around half an hour)
  • Treatment cycles include 10 sessions, repeatable if necessary
  • For long term treatment it is possible to hire or buy a Seqex Fam device by contacting: or telephoning +39 0461 830300


  1. Comfort: patients remain dressed during treatment sessions.
  2. Practical: treatment can also be conducted in the presence of metal implants and bandages.
  3. Quick results: electromagnetic fields act quickly in the case of pain symptoms and can be applied during both the acute and chronic stages.
  4. Prevention: one or more treatment cycles over a year help to prevent numerous complaints.

Although ion cyclotron resonance is classed as a non invasive treatment, a medical consultation is always recommended before starting a treatment cycle. In particular in the presence of overt diseases Seqex must always be used under the supervision of a medical specialist..

S.I.S.T.E.M.I. offer basic training for professional operators and refresher seminars. For information, click here.

Ion Cyclotron Resonance

The electromagnetic phenomenon known as ion cyclotron resonance has been known to mainstream physics since the early 1900s. The earliest observations of its biological effects were described in the 1970s by the researchers W.R. Adey and Carl Blackman.

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